Combination Dryers

VISTA's Combination driers have been specially designed for very high outputs at medium to moderately high hot air temperatures, making optimum use....

Finer Cut For Your Vista CTC

The VISTA CTC is fitted with special hygienic imported PVC belts which are easy to scrape and clean.

Continious Fermenting Machine

VISTA PVB Magic Mesh CFM is the answer to all fermentation needs. It's individual air control design , imported Magic ...

New Generation Rolling Table Machine

Highlights of the VISTA FULLY AUTOMATION MACHINE(Orthodox and Green Tea)

Static Bed And Vibro-Fluidized Bed Dryers

VISTA s Static Bed & Vibro Fludized Bed dryers are designed for high heat transfer rates making them the ideal choice for economic drying of materials having a wide size distribution with significant number of over size particles and those which are cohesive, sticky or fragile.